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A recent study[1] by the University of Virginia concluded that most people are not comfortable sitting alone with their thoughts for even 15 minutes. In this study, 67% of the male participants and 25% of the female participants would rather give themselves an electric shock as an alternative to continuing in silence.

The mind is like an unruly child that never stops talking. It is constantly telling us what we need to do, how to act and how to think about ourselves and the world around us. It uses the information that it has received over the years from our physical senses to determine how we should show up and conduct ourselves in a physical world.

Most of us are guided through life using the unconscious conversation going on from our minds to ourselves every minute of the day.  However, due to its illusionary nature, the mind can trick us.

When we are disconnected from our inner truth, we are trusting the illusionary mind to guide our lives.  This leads to all sorts of behaviors that are not really who we are or who we want to be.  The good news is, there is a better way.

To live a life free from greed, hate or delusion is called Bodhi. In ancient times, and even today, to achieve enlightenment, people would separate themselves by going to the wilderness, on sabbatical or joining an ashram. There is nothing wrong with that and in fact, has changed many lives for the better.

But not everyone is called (or able) to up and leave town, head over to India and spend a year in prayer and meditation. So what can you do in the meantime? Modern Bodhi is a resource that can lead you towards living a more powerful life in a practical way.

The first step is understanding why you, if you are one of the many, are unable to sit in a room, in silence, for 15 minutes. Or, better yet, why you would want to. By learning to separate what our mind is saying to us from what our self desires to say to our mind, we learn a more powerful way to live.

No longer are we dictated by endless mind chatter. Instead, we find inspiration from the wellspring of our hearts. By living a heart-centered life, we become more open to the possibilities of  more positive outcomes. No longer are we striving to get ahead and pushing others behind. Our hearts begin to understand that when we can pursue what is best for us, rather than worrying about other people do (that includes those you work with, live with and drive on the roads with ;) ). This can lead to a more peaceful, loving and happy existence[2].

If you are ready to lead a more powerful life, please contact me about upcoming workshops, seminars and programs. They’ll be posted here on the site soon!









Founded in 2014, Modern Bodhi is the actualization of 40 years of research and development. After many years of applying universal laws to practical business applications, Ricci Neer founded Modern Bodhi as a way to bring peace and harmony to the lives of individuals and teams.

Modern Bodhi was founded as a way to bring the ancient wisdom of enlightenment to the modern world. With an emphasis on mindfulness, Modern Bodhi focuses on training and events to support practitioners in experiencing significant personal and spiritual growth in their lives.

About Ricci:

Using a borrowed laptop and a dial-up internet connection, Ricci taught herself HTML and built her first website for her independent party supply distributorship in 1999. She became an award winning retailer and eventually a corporate trainer for that company, specializing in internet marketing techniques. Through various bootstrap efforts, she grew her personal database to over 10,000 contacts, which included over 3,300 customers.

Soon afterwards, Ricci joined eWomenNetwork, a membership-driven, international professional women’s networking organization. She eventually became a Managing Director and coordinated and marketed regular monthly luncheons (50+ attendees) and smaller breakfast/after-hours events, building her local rolodex from zero to over 4,800+ connections in 18 months, and formed strategic alliances and partnerships within the business community and media.

Over the years she’s strengthened, encouraged, and supported business professionals as a Certified Dream Coach®, purpose-driven marketing advisor and an empowering keynote speaker. As a graduate of Dream University’s “Become an Inspiring Speaker” program, Ricci studied with Marcia Wieder, award-winning speaker Patricia Fripp, and celebrity vocal coach Arthur Joseph. She has spoken and trained at PubCon, Women Impacting the Nation, RISE Conference for Entrepreneurs, Association for Women in Technology and the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

Whether hosting, speaking and training at live events or working with clients individually or in groups, her tactile and practical methods, combined with her purpose-driven mission, propels professionals to achieve their dreams and goals. She has been referred to as a pioneer for business marketing through new media and social media technologies, and is the author of multiple proprietary curriculum for her programs, such as WordPress for Businesses & Marketers, Social Media Marketing Success, and Go Google Local – How to Market your Business for Local & Mobile Search, and is a contributing author to “Networking for Novices” (Social Media Nugget). In 2010, Ricci authored a twelve-week coaching curriculum for independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses, titled “Build Your Revenue; Build Your Platform”.

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