Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and closeupHello!

I’m Ricci (pronounced Rikki) and I’ve been online since 1999, when I started my first business selling party supplies.

At the time, only dial-up internet was available. With four kids under the age of 8, while teaching myself HTML, building a website, learning internet marketing and growing a business, I learned quite a bit of patience, especially when it came to seeing my work come to fruition.

I remember the day Road Runner internet became available. The geek in me celebrated the day, not unlike the day I skipped school to watch the launch of MTV.

As my work sped up, so did the demands on my time. I soon became an internet marketing trainer for the direct sales company I was with.  At the time, internet marketing was truly the wild west when it came to the direct sales industry. I enjoyed my time with that company and to this day, I am still friends with my dear friend and sponsor from that business. We actually met on a mom’s networking message board, online.

I’ve believed in the power of the internet from the very first day I logged on. My first thought was “I can reach the whole world with this!”. I honestly thought everyone else saw the potential as well.

I soon launched my own internet marketing concepts for local businesses, hoping they too would comprehend the reach they could have. Living in San Antonio at the time, I remember walking into one restaurant to talk to them about getting online and their response was, “We don’t sell anything on the internet”.

My work was cut out for me. Soon, I began hosting workshops and classes. The classes were more educational in nature, and my hope was that the work would help people understand the power and reach that was so easily accessible, to everyone!

While I was building an internet marketing consulting brand, I was still raising children, taking care of a family and very passionate about food. I cooked from scratch most every day. It tasted better and was more economical. Soon, I began researching the foods we ate.

In 2002, I read about HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) and decided to educate myself on exactly what it was. After my research, I cut HFCS’s out of my diet. As a person who regularly drank soda, I soon began to feel better after waking up. No longer did I have that brain fog I had become so accustomed to. I realized the direct correlation between what I consumed and how I felt.

Soon, I began to experience migraines. After seven years of adjusting my diet, I realized that food had nothing to do with my symptoms. It was jaw tension.

As a night time teeth grinder from a very young age, I had continued that behavior into adulthood, as well as constant jaw clenching during the day. The mouth guard the dentist fitted me with did nothing to ease the tension.

While living in Austin, growing my internet marketing consultancy, becoming ever more aware of the food we consume (and the ingredients in them), my business interactions became infused with a more spiritual tone. As the Managing Director of the eWomenNetwork chapters in both El Paso and Austin, I was met with professional women from all backgrounds. Many of whom are still dear friends to this day.

Some of our events would open with a silent or guided meditation. As a creative thinker, guided meditations were easy. Simply listen and let my imagination do the rest! Silent meditations…not so much. I’d crack open one of my eyes and peek around, wondering if everyone was waiting on me to open my eyes. I had no clue what to do when things were quiet while sitting with a group.

That’s when I got my hands on Ultra Meditation. It was 2010 when I received my big box of CD’s and a book. I popped in my first meditation, put in my earphones and that was it. When I found myself back in my room (which is the best way to describe the sensation), I finally realized what I was supposed to be doing during the quiet times of meditation.

I was hooked. And it changed my life. That, AND the spiritual awakening I experienced right around the same time (I’ll save that for another time).

Today, it’s 2017 and I now live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I moved to be closer to my family after a serious bout of pneumonia in 2013. I’ve read that grief resides in the lungs, and I had a lot of that to process.

I made an incredible circle of friends and connections since I’ve been here. With their support, I re-opened a 2,000 sq ft restaurant downtown that was known to have a vegan and vegetarian following. It was the first crowdsourced and crowdfunded project of it’s type in the city. We made the front page news for what we did in that space.

It was a lot of space to manage by myself and after almost two years, I felt my social and personal life disappearing. I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so surreal. I’ll have to share with you more about that experience as well.

During my season there, I met a sweet lady named Vera who owns an antique & consignment store in the Del Mar area. We discussed putting in a tea room in the location and I’m happy to announce, it’s finally happening! We are a work in progress and are currently planning the grand opening in February 2017. The new name is Peony’s Place and the menu is being adjusted for our new clientele.

The best part is all of our sweet friends and colleagues who continue to support a holistic approach to food, tea and herbal tinctures (and yes, a herbal medicinals class is slated for my future. 🙂 )

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via phone, text, email or even by stopping is as we get things up and running. I’m at 517 Everhart, inside of Auvil’s Sweet Nothings. We are located next to June’s Day Spa, across the street from Papa Johns, Chic to Chic, and Kelly’s Pharmacy & Compounding.

I’ll be adding classes, workshops, meditations and more as this site progresses.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Love, Ricci