How I Met Jean Carpenter Backus

So yesterday, I was at Wisdom at Work in Austin to see the great Roy “Wizard of Ads” Williams.

I have a bunch of notes to share, but in the meantime, I have to tell you this story.

I was on Twitter about a month ago when I happened to see @seanclaes‘ tweet that said “Never wanted to see an accountant naked… but The Naked Accountant is worth the visit –

Because “The Naked Accountant” was capitalized, I knew it had to be a unique marketing angle, so I clicked on the link.

I was enamored by the the woman in the video.  At the end, was surprised to see the phone number started with area code 512, which is Austin.

The reason this was surprising was because at the time, I was following over 4,000 people from all over the world on Twitter.  Since I, like most people, don’t live on Twitter 24/7, I never know who I’m going to read about or see in a video.  

I immediately tweeted @PattiDeNucci and said “Did you see this video?  – She’s here in #austin. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? #ewn”

Patti, who helps book our speakers for our local eWomenNetwork chapter knew exactly what I was thinking and contacted the woman in the video. 

They had coffee and now Jean Carpenter Backus, the woman in the video, is slated to be our December 2009 Austin eWomenNetwork speaker.

So, what does all of this have to do with me being at Wisdom at Work and listening to Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads?

Turns out, Jean is faculty at the Wizard Academy.  

When Patti & Jean met to talk about eWomenNetwork, Patti invited Jean to Wisdom at Work.  

Because a few months ago, Patti had invited the managing director for the Austin eWomenNetwork chapter (@monicabb) to Wisdom at Work, who in turn invited me, Patti, Jean & I all ended up together at yesterday’s Wisdom at Work event.

patti-jean-ricciPatti DeNucci, Jean Carpenter Backus, Ricci Neer

Monica joined us a bit later and she, Jean and I ended up spending another couple of hours together.  It was an amazing time and I expect more amazing things to come of our newfound friendship!


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  1. Patti DeNucci

    Yep. That is how many great connections are made! Ricci, thanks for documenting this in words and photos. I’m bummed I couldn’t stay to visit as you did. Final note: As they say, “Good people are where good people gather!”

  2. Jean Carpenter-Backus

    I feel like such a dinosaur. Sat down at my computer and, just out of curiosity, started clicking around and saw Ricci so I dug a little deeper. Truth is that encounters like this so frequently go either unnoticed or undocumented. I was pleasantly surprised that I was the focus (without knowing) in such a brilliant way. Thank you and thank you. So, now I want to saw a few words about my own experience.
    When I got a phone call out of the blue from Patti DeNucci, I was open to speaking & meeting as well as curious. How many times do these things go nowhere? Yup…most of the time! Patti said that in a fluke, Ricci Neer had picked up my video (as she described), etc. Well, being somewhat the techno-dinosaur (as I mentioned) that I am, I did not really get the full implication. I had “heard” of the eWomensNetwork but that was about it. Patti and I arranged for a face-to-face meeting. I had no expectations.
    When we met, PATTI BLEW ME AWAY and I am NOT a dramatic person. It was like, “Where have you been?” Not only was she professional, articulate and cute as a bug in a rug, she is mega-connected in Austin…people really take her seriously AND that takes years of building a reputation that other people respect. She got my respect. I immediately signed up for the upcoming Wisdom at Work luncheon in which Roy Williams spoke.
    So, I was wondering about “Ricci Neer” the lady who “picked up my video” on Twitter. Are these women for real (seemed like a reasonable question from a 30 year accountant who has been in Austin 32 years….)? That’s where I met Ricci and she is everything (and more….she’s modest!) she appears to be…I think she will go down as one of the foremost authorities on social media of the 21st Century! She and Monica Benoit (main eWomen’s Network contact in Austin) graciously let me intrude on their lunch after the Wisdom at Work event. These women are the real deal. I am now signed up for the August 09 eWomen’sNework in Dallas…can’t wait….(btw…I haven’t networked in years and this is exciting!).
    So, here’s the deal:
    If you are looking for anything related to social media, CONTACT RICCI NEER
    If you are looking for talent or if you are talent looking for connection, CONTACT PATTI DiNUCCI.
    If you are looking for eWomenNetwork info (annual convention in Dallas in August 09, contact MONICA BENOIT (or Patti or Ricci or me…now)
    If you are looking for someone to do a video like mine, contact SUNPOP STUDIOS in Austin, Texas (Jake or Rex)
    If you are looking for someone to help you make money, save money or relieve the anxiety around money (or just want to brainstorm about money), contact ME!!
    I was so happy to find this and contribute!!

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