Using Twitter From the Web

If you tweet from the web (versus using an application) there is something you should know – you probably aren’t seeing all of your tweet responses.

At the time of this post (things change, and this is something Twitter might change), if you only read from your @replies tab, then you are only seeing the tweets that have your username at the beginning of the tweet – not necessarily tweets that contain your username.

That means, if someone sends a tweet, that has your username, but it isn’t at the very beginning of the tweet, you won’t see it.

I can see this tweet in my @replies tab:


A couple of hours later, Jeffrey sent me another tweet.


See how my username isn’t at the beginning of the second tweet?  This tweet didn’t make it into my @replies tab.  

The only way to see these tweets from the web is to do a search of your username.

Did you find this tip helpful?  Let me know, down below!

3 responses to “Using Twitter From the Web”

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    Good info!

    I actually heard about this a little while back, finally installed TweetDeck and was like whoa people ARE talking back to me.

    For a while thought I was just tweeting into the darkness. Really is something twitter should explain when signing up for an account…or just fix.

  2. Janica

    Good post Ricci — this is something that a lot of people aren’t aware of. I guess in addition to knowing to set up a search for your name people should be sure to use the @username as the beginning of a tweet if it is important to them that the person see it.

  3. Whitney pannell

    Yes Ricci, I did find that helpful. I use twitfon and tweetlater so I can keep up with @ replies. Thanks

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