April AIMEN with John Alanis

john-alanisSo, Tuesday night John Alanis of Women Approach You internet fame spoke at the monthly AIMEN event in Austin.

John opened up by sharing that he used a map to guide him to generating $100k a month within his first year of launching his information marketing business, which was started no merchant account, no list, and no joint venture partners.

John made it very clear that in order to succeed with marketing info products online, you want to sell to buyers…not clickers…not searchers…but people who are ready to buy NOW.  Tap into the passion of buyers (speaking to what is driving/motivating them to purchase).

Direct mail and magazines have been the best forms of offline advertising for his online product.  Other media circulation, such as PPC (pay-per-click) results in traffic that isn’t necessarily buyers (but rather searchers/lookers).

Segmentation & demographic targeting is important because you want to find those who have the ability to buy from you.  For instance, people who are in the beer/pizza/video game demographic might be interested in your product or service, but may be choosing to buy beer, pizza or a video game instead of your product.  By refining your segmentation into not only your target demographic but also those who have the ability to purchase, it creates better success for your efforts.

Your real equity is your list.  Build one of people who give you money and will buy from you again.  Build another list of affiliates and can get you customers at a profit.  Your two most important lists are of buyers and affiliates.  

Create a character based business.  It’s more colorful and entertaining.  Add an element of authority, be charismatic and push the envelope with naughty or funny anecdotes.  People bond with character and those who do it well can make a lot more money (think Howard Stern).

Don’t be seduced by one media (i.e. email).  Your customers and prospects are in various outlets.  

Content is NOT king.  Entertainment with a purpose is king.  The entertaining aspect keeps your prospects and customers focused on you until you present them with an offer and they buy.  Lace your entertainment with content for the purpose of moving them to a gate (action).

The purchase of one product leads to the purchase of a second.  A sale always creates a lead.

Create a lifestyle business.  For John, it was one of calm, peace and tranquility with no employees.  He does use vendors but isn’t willing to pay the price of having employees.

John also doesn’t like dealing with refunders (people who return a product for a refund).  He says refunding is an ingrained behavior and those who refund will do it again and again.

On the subject of emailing your list, John says he sends 2-3 emails a day plus any autoresponders.  If you are entertaining, curiosity keeps people on the list until they are ready to buy.  People buy when they are ready, so stay in front of them with frequent communications.

On the issue of where to advertise, he says to find where people are making money with bad marketing.  If you go into a niche industry where the publications have advertisers with bad marketing and you go in with something new, fresh and different, you can kill it because the readers aren’t used to seeing good marketing.

John gave an example of a direct mailing that he did with a postcard offering a free report.  He said he slaughtered it and then went for low-hanging fruit.

As far as software and people management goes, John mentioned that he uses Infusionsoft, but that it’s not right for everyone.

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