shecky_ricci_aimenSo Tuesday night, I went to AIMEN (Austin Internet Marketers Entrepreneurs Network) event, where Perry Belcher was the speaker.

It’s a fun & rowdy crowd at AIMEN, so it can take a lot to capture the attention of the masses.  Perry hit it out of the park.

Before he got started, we did a little schmoozing and connecting.  Since this was my third time going, I saw lots of familiar faces.  And as my friend CJ says, “Do I know you in 2-D or 3-D?”, it was fun connecting in 3-D with faces we’ve only seen in 2-D (ie: Twitter).  Like my picture with Jeff (pictured).  It was our first time meeting in 3-D 🙂  

I got to meet Perry’s beautiful wife April, his daughter Racheal, as well as BigRichB and katebuckjr.  Some familiar faces were scottallen, rachelwebb, wesley83, rafaelmarquez and of course our host, davegonzalez.

Perry opened with a lame-ass joke (Perry, you know I love ya man! LOL) and then shared very transparent stories about how he got to where he is today.

He occasionally peeked at his notes, which were jotted on the back of a white CD sleeve.  The gist of the opening topic was to not make things too easy for people.  

Betty Crocker cake mix was Perry’s first example, and how sales went up 9,000% when they took powdered eggs out of the mix and had the baker actually put more effort into the mix by having to crack an egg. (I found a tidbit about this in a NY Times article).

Perry also mentioned cough syrup (bad taste = must be better for you), hair color (3-step color sells more), and PX90 (promises results – not too easily).

Entrepreneurs will help turn the current economy around, said Perry, but not by lazy standards.  Be passionate, do what you love (work hard).

“If you don’t have an audience you can’t build…show them that you care” was another statement Perry made and then he gave 5 ways to get the most out of Twitter.  Follow people who are following your mentors, provide value, re-tweet, respond to people and tie in all social media properties together. (I hope to get more clarification on this last tip during our interview)

Perry said a new media strategy is like old media strategy –  Newspapers buy radio stations and tv station, and the properties cross promote (cross media).  We can produce our own cross media content via FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and our blog.

Monetization value is in providing “how to” information.  Passive value is in teleseminars, webinars & videos.  Use these avenues to show that you are worthy of people giving you their money.

He said you can make a lot of money without being a jerk (ok, he used a different word here, lol), so be transparent.

Tip for getting retweeted, an average RT is 36 characters long.  Perry went on to say “You got 140 characters – you don’t have to use them all.”

Perry ended by saying that he got started 178 days ago.  You just gotta find common ground with people (to be successful).

The event was videotaped – watch the teaser below! 

Click here to get access to the entire video.

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  1. Alex Schleber


    thanks for doing this great write-up, couldn’t make it to the last AIMEN but was there in February for @BenMack (branding genius/wild-man).

    Hopefully we’ll be able to meet in person for the April one?

  2. Jeff Schechter

    Hey Ricci,

    Love that pic of us. 2-D is great, but I’m glad we got to meet in 3-D!

    All the best,


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