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brain_energySo, earlier this month at the Austin eWomenNetwork event, Nancy Wesson joined us for “Maximizing Your Brain Power for Peak Performance.”

One of our guests, Cindy Van Den Baard with Accentz jewelry, when asked to talk about her silent auction donation, said this – “You’re too extraordinary to wear ordinary” (which I thought was pretty clever).

Nancy opened by asking us to write down one thing that we tell ourselves we have to do, must do or something that is constantly nagging us to do.

We did an exercise where we extended our arms, clasped our hands together, then twisted them and brought them up to our chest.  We put our feet flat on the ground and touched the tip of our tongue up on the roof of our mouth, an  exercise is to reset our adrenal glands and bring a sense of calmness.

Nancy began to talk about changing/revamping our neural network programming.  She said when we feel anxious, go to a place of gratitude to change our (thought) output, and this causes an emotion shift.  

She mentioned quantum physics and began to expound on how we are composed of packets of vibrating energy.

The part that stood out most to me was the part about how when we can all be in a room together and the person with the most coherent brain waves becomes the influence in the room.  There was more to it, but it was about how if we were to all sit in silence, science has shown how brain wave patterns (emotional energy?) begin to sync.  

What I took from this was that it is important that we become extremely clear about our intentions & direction in order to have an easier path to having influence with others.  On a side note (personal observation), perhaps this is the cause for serial entrepreneurs who seem to have a lot of change before finding their sweet spot.  As they go about seeking success, they may try something that doesn’t “feel” right.  When it comes out of their mouth, they know that something isn’t clicking, so they keep making adjustments and tweaks until they get to the point where they find that sweet clarity.  (Not that I would personally know anything about that….*smile*).

So, getting back to Nancy, she said to program (change) your thought & emotion to have influence.

She said our thoughts are an “energetic receiver” and that intention isn’t just about thinking about what you want or what you want to do, it’s about our language too, which becomes a template, so we should look at the verbal messages we give ourselves.

Nancy said we should use choices when we talk.  For instance, instead of saying “I can’t” use “I choose”.

Getting the right brain & left brain to communicate is “explosive”, Nancy said.  She talked about a program called “Brain Gym” which some of the attendees were familiar with.  This discussion made me think of my Twitter friend, ZnaTrainer.

When Nancy mentioned “reticular activator”, I couldn’t help but think  “medulla oblongata” in the Waterboy.  🙂

Ok…no joke…I wikipedia searched “reticular activator” so I could say something really smart right here…and found that the reticular activator actually next to the medulla oblongata….

So, we should drink half our weight in water every day to help our electrical system stay sharp and to make sure and get plenty of sleep.

Nancy ended the talk with a little feng shui advice, mentioning to move our bed if it blocks the energy when we walk into our bedroom and not put our desk in a position where your back is to the door.

It was a really deep, interesting talk and I’m glad I was there.  Nancy had so much information to share and is a wealth of knowledge.

Now, I’m off to move my desk. 🙂

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