eWomenNetwork Austin – Nishi Whiteley


Nishi Whiteley of Turn Lane Consulting was our May eWomenNetwork speaker.  Here are my notes & bonus video!

Common Sense for Increasing Profits

What is money and how to look at it differently.

Why do we want to be more profitable?  Improved living.

It’s more about making a living, it’s how to make a life.

Exchanging our time, energy, skill set for money.  Money is a representation of our life force.  Focus on our core competency, guides us in asking for what we want, help us say no and get to the yes’s.

Core area – excellence.  What do we do best?

How do you feel when you spend your time doing what you are good at?  How much better when we enjoy it and it’s important = being engaged.

Competent energy = play to your strengths.  Let others do the things they do well,

Story about woman who spent 80% of her time doing what she hated (accounting).  After getting an accountant, her business did better.

Many of us make the mistake of saying that we can’t afford to hire someone to do X (whatever x might be).  It’s an investment in my life force by getting someone to do the things we are weaker in.

A company’s mission statement is a monument to your customers and employees, a reminder as to why you exist and what your purpose is.

Everyone turned in a dollar and a business card.  Now, there is cash in a bowl.  Nishi has it and has asked:  What are you leaving on the table?  What are you not asking for?  

We can all say yes to spending more time on the things that are ideal for us and take us to where we want to go.

What is this costing me?  Is it making me or costing me money?

How do we create internal systems so that we aren’t recreating the wheel?

Implement systems.  They allow you to be more efficient and reach your goals with greater ease.

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