Interactive Austin – Breakouts 4 – Online Video, Communication, Sustainability, Social Media #3

shooting-starThe final set of breakouts for Interactive Austin 2009 included:

Online Video Marketing Strategies – A discussion on how to identify messages and methods that are memorable to viewers, developing a cost-effective budget for a high quality, professional production, developing a video production timeline and success checklist, creating memorable videos that capture and retain attention, avoiding costly mistakes in producing online video and assess the viewership and value of your video investment, with panelists Christopher Justice and Pete Monfire.

Communication Trends that Matter Most in Social Media – A discussion of media shifts, PR 2.0 concepts, challenges and solutions, the mindset of the corporate culture and the effectiveness of case studies employing social media tools, with panelists Cynthia Baker, Paul Walker, Christi Day and Bob Pearson.

Sustainability – Understanding how social media is relevant to energy and financial sustainability, with panelists Jon Lebowsky, David Armistead, Susan Scrupski, and Joel Greenberg.

Social Media Workshop #3 – Outside the Enterprise.  A discussion of strategic and tactical aspects of social strategies and ways to put the social web to work in surprising ways, with panelists Dave Evans, Connie Reece, Cynthia Jackson, Charlie Ray and John McElhenney. (John McElhenney’s presentation can be accessed here and Cynthia Jackson’s can be accessed here.)

I attended Online Video Marketing Strategies.  

viddlerChris opened by talking about syndication, that in the past you had to buy space, that it was fat and difficult.  But today, it’s not necessary.  Streaming points are viddler, and embedded in website.  blip-tv

tubemogulTubeMogul allows for batch upload – use it!

Viewership should be measured in 3-6 mos increments.  People are still trying to consume all of this content – when we do a video, be patient.  Think longevity.  (Not necessarily direct response)  

Use information to create better content.  The creative process has to continue.  Refine your work.

It takes personality & unique scripts to get things noticed.

He said the best test market is his mother.  🙂

Pete was up next – 

Be relevant – if you can be humorous, that’s bonus.

enzoHis 7 yr old Enzo has idea for video show (enzoology).  

He shot and edited the video series and puts on YouTube.youtube1

Ellen calls, and Enzo appears with James Taylor (and playing with The Rock in green room!)

Enzoology was so successful because he exuded a true passion with no expectation, and had a high level of understanding of his audience. 

Content is job #1.  Form strong partnerships with like-minded communities.

Share your content with those communities and control costs.

From TubeMogul – 50% of producers are monetizing.  Average CPM is $12.39, ranging from pennies to over $100.  Methods are from advertising overlays (46%), product placement (30%) pre (31%) or post roll (34%) has one of the best players and leaves people on your site.  

It’s about targeting.  Provide content to already large communities who fit your demographic, including tv networks.

Sell content as a subscription to communities that leverage content.  Attach a major sponsor who is also focused on your demographic.  Sell the value of the aggregate community (syndication).  Those aggregated views add up!

Develop spin off products, such as publishing and merchandise, to sell through community.

What are you really selling?  Is it video?  Probably not – it’s brand engagement, social/viral content – the experience.

Want more?  Join us at the Video Marketing Expo May 13 in Austin!

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