Interactive Austin – Keynote – Sam Lawrence

sam-lawrenceSam Lawrence  was the mid-morning keynote for Interactive Austin 2009.

His topic was 20 Practical Ways to Use Social Software to Drive Profitability.

There is a delta between our worlds – Those on social island (utopia) and those of on anti-social island (corporate).

Starting from the original DNA in building a company, a business goes through growth and processes to create the corporate structure.  Over time, leaders can become asleep at the wheel.   Like taking a drive and not remembering it, our corporate processes can become automated and repetitive.  So much of business right now is reflex.

How do you become conscious again?

In management – choose where you want to work.  There are two different types of companies out there right now.  “Knob and dial” messes around with business as usual efficiency.   The other type is change which leads to effectiveness.

In business, create something different.  Define it and own it.   Stop copying each other.

Get the big picture.

(If you are a social media consultant or strategist who communicates to corporations and organizations) stop speaking gobblygook.  Put it into corporate native language.  Solve the problem against metrics.  The data is available now.  Stop saying social media lingo.  

Reconnect the knights – bust organizational barriers, open up intra-departmental communications.  Social software can open up people so they talk to each other.  Face the chairs so that they are facing each other.

What to make more money?  Start deciding something.  Make faster decisions (thus creating more action).

Product –  90% of all new product introductions fail.  Get insight into building the right thing.

Release faster.  Go from use cases to using cases.  Social software will give you insight into how people are really using your product.  You can make changes and adjustments.  Look at how people are actually using it versus writing a brief about it.

Feed the pipe – put leads here (points to pipe).  Get out there, make the relationship and pop them right into CRM software.  Connect the dots of marketing & sales.

Shorten the sales cycle – how much does it cost and how long does it take?  Empower sales people with answers.  When sales people have to wait on answers, it drives down the sales process.  While you are figuring out things, the leads are getting cold.  Put it out there (collaborative info).

Sell more  – 2x – 5x more frequent purchases.  Get people engaged, they are more interested and will buy.

Shorten the ramp – how long does it take for new employee to get on board or sales rep to be trained?  Use social software in the enterprise, so that new people get information they need immediately.

Unpack your bags (travel and entertainment)   – Social software keeps travel costs down.  But entertainment – be creative, have a game show, do something fun.  Webinars are boring.  Get people engaged in an entertaining way.

Pack your bags – fire those who suck, make the don’t sucks better, let the rock stars promote.

Seoh-yeah – Get 50% of your traffic from search engines, get more prospects.

Materially better – Save yourself from crappy marketing,  open source it.  Engage with people to make your marketing better

Stop eating jelly beans at focus groups – Research costs a ton, financially and time.  Focus groups provide a non-conducive environment for getting accurate research.  Open it up and get feedback from people who are already talking about it.

Stop the flash in the pans  – One time stuff costs too much.  Create a perpetual venue and revenue through virtual pavilions.  Create a consistent, online reality for your company.

Never ever go small.  Be different, commit and prepare to go big.

Visual Innovations, a sponsor of the event, captured Lawrence’s keynote on video.  Click below to launch.

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