PubCon Day 2 – 4th Sessions- SEO & PR, Contextual Ad Optimization, & Old Brand – New Media

The fourth sessions were Intersection of SEO and PR Agencies, Contextual Advertising Optimization and Moving Old Brands into the New Social Media.

I thought it was time to move myself out of the social bathhouse of Salon C and step on over to get schooled on optimizing contextual ads.

I grabbed a snickerdoodle and a cup of coffee, as I headed over to Salon A to hear Derek Brinkman of ADSDAQ.  Boy, was he a wealth of knowledge and has made a science out of contextual ad optimization.  (tweet)

He began by talking about finding your target audience, obtaining your creative, writing your landing pages, outlining your budget and determining your goals.

Your ad fights for attention.  Research and get a clear purpose.  Try graphical & flash ads.  

With text ads, match targeting, connect to your reader, grab their attention (stop – look – wait), offer a bribe and/or use emotion (fear or curiosity).  

With graphical ads, use motion and bright colors.  Mimic an emotion, ask for the click and create a clear call to action (find out more – NOW)

When optimizing, narrow down to 5 creatives and keep top 2 or 3, then test 2 or 3 more.  Rinse and repeat. 🙂  Contextual demand should help your search results.

Jarvis Coffin from Burst Media was up next.  He began by talking about thinking outside the keyword.  There is more “text” in context and that the display tells a more colorful story.

Search is ubiquitous, like the yellow pages.  It does not differentiate on it’s own.

(because I always love a good #FAIL, when doing some research on contextual ads, I came across a contextual ad fail here)

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