PubCon Day 2 – Closing Super Session – Social Media & Business

The subtitle for this session said “So you want to be a rock star?”, which definitely spoke to me.  And I couldn’t wait. (tweet)

Brett Tabke opened the session by asking Wayne Sutton, Reem Abeidoh, Lee Odden & Chris Brogan what a day in their lives looked like. (tweet)

Wayne said lots of research and content creation.  

Reem said lots of social networking and email.  

Lee said with a swim, gadgets, lots of research, writing and networking.  

I’m not sure if Chris was able to talk about this, but I do remember him mentioning something about a pirate (lol).

They began to discuss social media and Reem said  “helps build awareness, helps them (potential customers) consider your product.”  

Lee said that “Social media is not direct marketing.  It influences purchasing decisions down the line.” (tweet

Chris said that “Closing business in 140 characters is a lot more fun than sending email.” (tweet)

Wayne said “Direct message to email to phone call to closing business.  That’s how it’s done.” (tweet)

Reem went on to say “Be where your customers are at, not what your competitors are doing.” (tweet)

Brett asked the panel what the biggest risk to small businesses is and it invoked a lively discussion about Motrin moms, Skittles and Pepsi.

The lesson from the Motrin situation, according to Reem, was to always manage your brand.

Not having a strategy, then spending too much time figuring it out, were Wayne’s pearls of wisdom.

Chris compared the Pepsi social media promo to Skittles promo, saying that the SXSW promo that Pepsi was doing was more controlled.  It was on their site and on their terms.  Then he said “Who talks about Skittles anyway – except for Gary Vaynerchuk (“this wine has a skittley flavor”)”, which brought a chuckle from the crowd.

To find connections, Chris likes to use  He’s not a fan of Facebook messages and said he hates the “come click my junk”.  He said that Twitter helps close the sale, meaning, he can know exactly what’s going on in a prospects life by reading their tweet stream, adding  “If the guy got his cat run over, I’m not gonna ask”.

During the session, Brett had the Twitter stream for #pubcon running on the big screen, so it was cool to watch a room full of collective thoughts running live during the discussion.  Lee brought up tequila and some of us got off on a bit of a tweeting bunny trail with that (it was almost five o’clock after all!)

Getting unsolicited Digg requests really get under Reem’s skin, so much so, she wrote a blog post entitled “I’m not your Digg whore“.  She was so spunky on the panel, I tweeted out that I was buying her a shot. (tweet)

Update 3-17-09 – The LA Times just featured an article about Jack In the Box which features the Skittles trolling saga.

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  1. John Lessnau

    Twitter works to great advantage for those with large amount of built in followers like Chris Brogan and Lee Odden because it let’s them speak to their masses quickly and efficiently. For them it is an invaluable business tool, for most others it is a toy and time waster and fun to use at business conferences.

    Hint to Twitter, start charging these super users who are able to make money off of the Twitter stream.

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