Build Your Platform; Build Your Revenue


Build Your Platform; Build Your Revenue

Coaching Intensive for entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent professionals!

There are thousands, if not millions, of small business owners who are attending workshops, downloading ebooks, reading blogs and working hard to get the edge in the marketplace.

Many (perhaps you?) are attending networking events, tweeting and facebooking at the speed of light.

But there is one element that is absolutely critical in order for all of these activities to be as effective as they need to be.

It’s the community element – or, as Seth Godin calls it in his book Tribes, the tribal element.  It is a totally different way for most people to think about building their businesses and organizations.

Do you have a book, a speech or a message to get out?  Do you have great content in your head (or in print), and dream of the day when people will connect with your work?

Famous book publicist Arielle Ford, who represented Deepak Chopra, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Wayne Dyer (to name a few), says publishers are looking for people who have a platform.

Now, before you say “I don’t plan on writing a book”, consider Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV who launched his video blog in 2006 and landed a seven-figure book deal three years later.

Aside from the book deal, you might have seen that Gary took his business from four million to sixty million, in six years.  That’s an increase of over nine million dollars a year. How did he do it?

Gary became internet famous.
And you can too.

If you aren’t convinced that anyone can become an internet celebrity, remember 2010 Tennessee candidate for governor Basil Marceaux?  He got his own Wikipedia entry, was invited on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and created a YouTube video that received half a million views.

Basil is an extreme example that shows just how far someone, who simply turns on a camera, can reach.

Whether you want to make more money, get more exposure or change lives with your message – you must build your platform.

Your platform consists of your:
  • Website and blog
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Articles
  • Books and ebooks
  • Collateral materials
  • Advertising
  • Social media profiles
  • Reviews
  • Speaking engagements
  • Newsletter

Look at the list above.  Now think about your platform.  Would you say that your platform is all buttoned up and running like a well-oiled machine?  If yes, then read no further – this isn’t the program for you.

But, if you’re like most people, your platform needs a bit of work.

Even though building your platform takes time, dedication and commitment, with the right clarity and purpose, you can create a seamless system that will support you for YEARS – in ANY business!

During the Build Your Platform; Build Your Revenue program, you’ll learn fundamental concepts to successfully market your business in the new economy. Our philosophy is based on the Transcendental Marketing model as outlined in this paper by Fredrik Nordin of Linköping University.  With background research covering transformational leadership, relationship marketing and social marketing, Nordin states “Transcendental marketing has a long-term focus on higher-order values, which indirectly has the potential to create long-term customer relationships and more stable revenue-streams.”

Using the Transcendental Marketing approach, your primary aim becomes to inspire, energize, and intellectually stimulate your customers and prospects, while reaping the business benefits of your contribution.

Wait…read that sentence again. Using the Transcendental Marketing approach, your primary aim becomes to inspire, energize, and intellectually stimulate your customers and prospects, while reaping the business benefits of your contribution.

That’s exactly what Gary Vaynerchuk does. If he can do it – why can’t you?
Here are some of the fundamentals that we’ll cover together:

  • Blogging Strategy/Article Writing
    • The Art of Expert Positioning
    • Make Google Love Your Words
    • Who Are You (and Making People Care)
  • Social Media Strategy
    • Pro’s and Con’s of Facebook Fan Pages
    • Twitterlicious Training
    • Photograph Interaction
    • Hashtags and More
  • Local/Mobile Search
    • Google Local Listings
    • Yelp!
  • Local/Mobile Search con’t
    • Reviews
    • Adwords
  • Out of the Box Marketing
    • Unusual Strategies
    • Email Strategies
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Experiential Marketing
  • Networking
    • Persona
    • Self-awareness
    • Clarity

These fundamentals have been proven to work during Ricci’s LIVE workshops and classes!

“The class I attended…proved essential to my business needs. I was able to implement many skills taught, within the same day! I continue to refer to the curriculum book every day and can’t wait for the next class!”Julie Cowan, M.Ed

“Thank you for helping me start my own blog. It has been such an important part of my business as people across the world read my articles and then decide to use my services as an intuitive therapist. In addition I am always selling my self-produced CDs through my site. At a local level when people are interested in my services and look at the professional layout I have, as well as the articles and videos, they are impressed. It creates a confidence that my services are the top of the line” - Bart Sharp,

During the Build Your Platform; Build Your Revenue coaching program, you’ll have access to ALL of Ricci’s exclusive trainings and content! In addition, you’ll get TWELVE one-on-one sessions with Ricci – time carved out exclusively for YOU! Have questions, need guidance, input, or advice? You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get that critical support.

There is no other course that combines the power of our platform-building fundamentals with the magic of the Transcendental Marketing philosophy, all taught by an industry leader with over ten years of experience applying these principals in their own business.

You see, Ricci stumbled upon these principals in 1999. Starting out with a borrowed laptop using a dial-up internet connection, she taught herself how to build a website and sell retail products on the internet. After smashing records with her direct sales business and owning the largest distributorship in the United States, she became a corporate internet sales trainer.

Ricci’s been doing this for a long time. She knows the ropes, the pitfalls and what works – regardless of what happens with technology.

Think about it. There was no Facebook in 1999. Where did she find thousands of customers? You’ll discover her secrets during the course.

Look, you can’t control what happens with tools like Facebook and Twitter. They belong to someone else and are constantly changing. What you CAN control is your platform. When you build your platform, you not only build your income – you also build your future. Building your platform is the most secure investment you can make when it comes to marketing your business.

Are you ready to get over ten years of knowledge, resources and action items downloaded to you in just a fraction of that time? Seriously, the hard part has already been done for you – sorting out what works and what doesn’t.

Simply do the assignments each week and in twelve weeks, you can have an enviable platform that usually takes the pro’s years to develop!

You’ll get over $5,800 worth of resources, tools, exposure and coaching time for only $1,495.

“I’ve only experienced a small taste of Ricci’s course and I’ve already experienced a shift in my consciousness.  Not only did she validate my thoughts and feelings towards marketing my business, she gave me new ways to look at things that are going to make a huge difference in the way I communicate to others…Thankfully, my business will never be the same.” – Anna Cummins

“Come prepared to learn! Ricci provides loads of practical information minus the unnecessary fluff that you’ll encounter in other trainings. Stop wasting time, throw away the books….thanks so much for all the very clearly delivered information!” – Fred Meek – MindBOX Productions

That’s right, you too can fast track your platform and download 10 years worth of knowledge in just a few short weeks! At your fingertips, you’ll have all twenty lessons AND twelve Dream Coach® sessions focused on marketing you and your business!

Now is the perfect time to fast-track your platform building success! Technology is easier to use, FREE platform building tools are within your reach, and your tribe is waiting for you to show up and lead.

Save $200 when you pay in full!

We can’t wait to see your star shine!

Ricci Neer

P.S. We are only taking 15 14 more clients for this program.

P.S.S. Your journey is about inspiring, energizing, and intellectually stimulating your customers and prospects – while reaping the business benefits of your contribution, just like multi-millionaire Gary Vaynerchuck. It’s time to build your platform…build your income…and build your destiny – do it today!

P.S.S.S. Looking for the monthly payment plan? It’s just $565 a month for three months.  Get started with the monthly payment plan by clicking here!


Once payment is complete, you will be directed to a page that includes the Agreement, Intake form and online Marketing Assessment.  These three forms will need to be completed before our first coaching session.  We will call and/or email to set up your coaching dates.
We can’t wait to work with you!

Prefer to work with Ricci LIVE?  Join her at the upcoming Build Your Platform; Build Your Revenue RETREAT!  Click here to read more.

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