Dream Coaching®

A Dream Coach® Will Help You Produce Extraordinary Results in Your Life

Ricci is a Certified Dream Coach® who will assist you in getting what you want personally and professionally.

Through this proven process, you will discover your life’s purpose, clarify your dreams, remove all obstacles (including not having enough time or money) take action, and produce fast results.

Discover what really matters to you and start making it happen NOW!  This program will provide long-term benefits for years to come, changing your business and your life, for the better.

As you go through the program, you’ll be equipped with the clarity, courage and the confidence to make YOUR dreams come true.

You’ll understand:

  • Why dreaming is an important element in achieving your  goals but it’s not the only element (without this knowledge you could be short circuiting or sabotaging every dream you have before you even start).
  • What a dream is and what it is NOT. Most importantly how to identify a dream and clearly define what you want.
  • Why time and money are NOT the real issues preventing you from achieving dreams and how to overcome these blocks.
  • How to live more “on purpose” and know how to ignite your passion anytime.
  • Have tools for saying, “no thank you,” to remove clutter and make time for your dreams.
  • A proven method for accomplishing any personal or professional dream.
  • How to trust at a deeper level and be ready to take greater risks.
  • How to take control of your life, removing fear, doubt and other obstacles.


Individual (one-on-one) Coaching with Ricci $2,895 (subject to availability)

Group Coaching $1,795 pp


Special Offers:

Build Your Platform; Build Your Revenue Coaching clients can receive the Dream Coach® program for $1,500 (subject to availability)

Group programs can be developed especially for your team or organization.


For more information call 262-757-8277 or email ricci@riccineer.com

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