“Ricci Neer is a professional marketing genius! Working with her…was an experience that I will always treasure.  She prides herself on ‘giving first’ and always makes time to see how she can help your business grow. Ricci also did marketing campaigns for my company and I received more positive responses from her marketing campaigns than I have with any other marketing effort.” – Tish Times

“I wanted to thank you for helping me start my own blog.  It has been such an important part of my business as people across the world read my articles and then decide to use my services as an intuitive therapist.  In addition I am always selling my self-produced CDs through my site.  At a local level when people are interested in my services and look at the professional layout I have, as well as the articles and videos, they are impressed.  It creates a confidence that my services are the top of the line.” – Bart Sharp

Ricci is the shining example of “under-promise and over-deliver”. Her unflappable calm, her sense of humor, her obvious attentiveness…and her overall competence and brilliance in her field just can’t be beaten.” - Shirley Norwood

“Ricci provides loads of practical information minus the unnecessary fluff that you’ll encounter in other trainings.  Stop wasting time, throw away the books and take Ricci Neer’s workshop. Thanks so much for all the very clearly delivered information!” – Fred Meek, MindBOX Productions

“Ricci is the real deal.” - Tim Levy, The Life Summit

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