April 21 – Chocolate-Covered Cashew Truffle Day

cashew-trufflesCelebrate your business with Chocolate-Covered Cashew Truffles today.

Make in advance.  Individually wrap truffles in small cellophane bags.  Secure with curling ribbon and attach a tag.  Alternatively, you can purchase small candy boxes from a candy supply store like Kitchen Krafts and affix a label.

Be creative with what you put on the tag or label and include your business name.

Give as a small thank you gift customers, pass them out during a networking event, or hand out in place of a business card.

By continuously adding small, affordable, and personal creative touches to connecting with your prospects and customers, you can convey an attitude of appreciation and passion for your business, be remembered as someone who celebrates the often overlooked every day pleasures, and create a memorable experience for your connections.

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