April 22 – Jelly Bean Day

jellybeansCelebrate your business on Jelly Bean Day!

You can bag up small portions of colorful jelly beans or consider using solid colors to match your logo or a theme (Jelly Belly offers single colors).

Secure with curling ribbon and attach a tag.  Alternatively, you can purchase small candy boxes from a candy supply store like Kitchen Krafts and affix a label.   Give these as gifts to your customers or when you meet new connections.

Working in advance, you could hold a jelly bean guessing contest.  If you have a retail location, be sure to train your staff on how to help your customers and walk-ins register for the contest (psst…add to your mailing list).

If you work from home or aren’t in a stationery location, consider having your jelly bean container with you, asking your clients and people you meet to enter the contest.  Who knows, even having your jelly bean contest container positioned on the coffee shop workstation could garner some new leads 🙂 .  

You can start the contest before Jelly Bean day and announce the winner on April 22, or kick off your Jelly Bean contest on April 22.  It really doesn’t matter.  

Celebrating Jelly Bean day can be a simple way to break the monotony, have fun and drum up new connections for your business!

Don’t forget to take a picture or even video of the winner, holding the container & receiving your prize.  Put this on your website and promote it in your email newsletter.  Show people why doing business with you is fun!

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