Typos & Jargon – A Collaboration Request #fail

collaboration_fail_thumbSeriously.  Someone from Twitter sent me an email asking if I’d look into partnering/collaborating with their “social media” company.

Went to check out their site.   I couldn’t understand what they did on the front page (first #fail),  so I clicked their About page, which was full of typos and jargon.


1. Where is Seatle Washington?

2.  We all conceive ideas with a certain intention, but what matters is if we actually did it, were successful with it and have results to back it up.  I can appreciate that your “intention” was to develop an “Internet Marketing Company”. Now, what’s the rest of the story (or have you just been camped out in the conception phase since 1997)?

3.  I think the word you’re looking for is “Since”

4. Many people have launched lots of “web based projects, collaboratives & initiatives” over the years.   Who cares? Were any of them successful?  Who did you work with?  What results did you get?

5. What is socila media?

6. What’s up with the “Seatle”?  You live there and can’t spell it (twice)?   You have “satelites” and can’t spell those either?

ACK! No thank you.

I’m not sure what more commentary I need to put here.  Even a simple spell check would have helped.

Aside from that, just a warning.  Make sure your message is easy to understand for those of us who have no idea what it is that you do.  I know I’ve been guilty of being vague myself.  Sometimes, we just get so caught up in the minute details of what it is that we do, we can forget that not everyone has been a part of our world.

I think we can let things slide that are created in the day to day (a video shot off the cuff, a tweet or a facebook status) but an About page that represents you?  This is the place where people are going to find out all about you.  The place you definitely want to ensure is typo-free and easy to understand.

What do you think?  Lemme know, down below!

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