A Day at the Austin Farmer’s Market

So this Memorial Day weekend, my stepson and his girlfriend were in town.  Little man and I took them down to the Austin Farmer’s Market.

Now, last year, little man attended some summer camps.  One of them was a food camp with the Children’s Museum.  During this camp, they took the kids on field trips to learn about different types of food.

One of the foods they learned about was tamales.  The were not just any tamales, they were Leonor Banos’ Oaxacan Tamaleo’s.

Imagine my surprise when the first time we ever went down to the Farmer’s Market, little man went running up to a sweet lady at a booth to give her a hug.  It was Leonor.  (Ok, I wasn’t that surprised, little man seems to know somebody that I don’t most every time we go somewhere).

It’s become quite a tradition for us, that when we go to the Farmer’s Market, the first stop is going to be to visit Leonor and pick up one or two of her warm black bean tamaleos wrapped in banana leaf and eat them there on the spot.

Today was no exception.  

leonor-benLeonor & little man

We were able to enjoy our Mexican treats along with some refreshing passion fruit black tea from zhi teas.  After I purchased my tea and was sipping along, imagine my surprise when yet again, little man goes and hugs the lady behind that booth too!  (ok, ok, I wasn’t that surprised, lol)

Turns out Reena was one of his instructors at the Entrepreneur camp he attended last year.

ben-reenaLittle man & Reena

After enjoying tamaleo’s and tea, our first stop was San Miguel Seafood.  Perhaps this beauty is what reeled us in:


We snapped up one of the snapper filets, since this big guy (yes, the fish!) was headed to Bess Bistro.

We also picked up some shrimp, Guajillo honey, tomatoes, carrots and onions from Urban Roots.

I grilled the snapper tonight and we had that with some fresh corn (which is unbelievable this time of year) from Whole Foods.

It feels good supporting local farmers and businesses, plus the produce is super fresh.  If you are in the Austin area, the Austin Farmer’s Market is from 9-1 on Saturday and 4-8 on Wednesday.

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