If You Missed Interactive Austin…

interactive_austinIf you missed Interactive Austin 2009, you can get up to speed by reading the posts in category IA09.

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It was an honor to cover this amazing event.  Special thanks to Mayo DeLeon who helped bridge my connection to the event and to Steve Ferrar for putting the pieces together that allowed me to be there.

Here’s a breakdown of the topic matter contained in the posts:

For Enterprise 2.0 information, see Dion Hinchcliffe’s keynote recap.  This session was about bringing your corporate communications onto the social platform.  By opening up internal communications, it serves as a conduit to external relationships.  Amazing insight into positive changes and increased productivity that can be had by businesses who bring 2.0 concepts into their organizations.

Sam Lawrence gave a fun and lively keynote about practical ways to use social software to drive profitability.  Most memorable line from this session was “Fire those who suck, make the don’t sucks better, let the rock stars promote.”

These keynotes were followed by breakouts.  The one I attended was User Experience Design, where the panel discussed ways to make the experience you give your customers better.  From web-based businesses to retail locations, they provided insight into how to create positively memorable customer interactions.

After lunch, whurley provided a keynote on the future of technology trends.  The specifics were user-generated (the audience provided the questions) and the discussion covered social technology, programming, apps and a real life example of how he used social technology to accomplish a goal.

The keynote was followed by a set of breakouts that included a social media workshop.  This panel talked about traditional and new media, connecting with the press, blogging and understanding societal interactions on the web.

The third set of breakouts included a Social Media for Social Good session.  The panel provided detailed insight into how non-profits have adopted social media to raise awareness, build community, discuss legislation and increase revenue.

The final breakouts  included a Video Marketing Strategies session, where the speakers talked about the best online video players, ways to get noticed, what you really need to sell on a video, and provided insight into a real-life video success story.

If you were an attendee and have additional links, photos, videos or your own stories to share, please comment down below.  

If you have any other questions or comments about the topics covered during this event, please feel free to contact me.

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